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What is displayed in the Concept Cloud?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016
The Concept Cloud displays the top 500 most relevant concepts in your project. Concepts can be single words or phrases. 

Font size

Concepts in a larger font size are the most frequently used in the data set. The largest concepts in the Concept Cloud dictate the overarching context of a particular discussion. Since they are very common, they are likely concepts you already presume the dataset is about.

Smaller- to medium-size terms are often the most interesting and meaningful terms within a discussion/context, and a good starting point for investigation and analysis of your data.

If “web site” and “didn’t receive my order” appear in close proximity to one another within your Concept Cloud, this indicates that these two concepts are related, which provides more specific context and justifies further investigation by examining additional specific data points in that location within your dataset. 

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