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What are exact and conceptual matches?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2016
Whenever you select a term in your Concept Cloud, you will see the number of exact and conceptual matches highlighted in blue in the Exploring All Documents panel (aka the “verbatims”).

Exact matches (highlighted in dark blue in the verbatim text) represent the number of documents where your search term appeared in the data set exactly as you specified.  Linguistically speaking, we take into account surface and "stemmed" forms of the term/concept word.

So, for example, "buy" and "bought" would be considered exact matches, as would "Love my Kindle" and "Love the Kindle".

Conceptual matches (highlighted in light blue in the verbatim text) represent the number of documents in which your search term is discussed in a related manner. Conceptual matches are defined by the top 20 related terms, which can be seen by scrolling down under Top related concepts (middle panel) when you have a topic selected.

When you search for a term, the verbatim results include a percentage of the discussion volume that includes both exact and conceptual matches for your specified term. 

Exact vs Conceptual matches  


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