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Last Updated: Sep 15, 2016

Topic-Subset Associations Scores: 
Click this option to open a pop-up window displaying bar charts that represent the association scores between all your saved topics and subsets within a project. These charts are a graphical representation of the Excel download for Topic-Subset associations. 

The Topics section (top half) displays by individual topic while the bottom half displays by individual subset. If you click on one of the topics, the subsets below will rearrange from strongest to weakest relationship to the selected topic. 

Concept Clusters:  Click this option to open a pop-up window displaying the 60 most relevant concepts in your data set charted against each other. This tool enables you to quickly understand what the key drivers of conversation are in your data set.

Every row and column represents a concept, and each square represents the similarity between the row and column in which it appears. Red squares indicate higher similarity, while black and blue squares indicate lower similarities. 

Hover your pointer over one of the red squares to display the association score between topics.

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