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Can I search for multiple concepts (terms) at the same time?

Last Updated: Apr 26, 2017

Yes! You can search for multiple terms in Analytics, but please keep in mind:

1. When you search for two terms at once, our software searches for EITHER term. 

2. Currently, you cannot search for two terms at once and obtain search results that are based on the intersection of both terms, or as concept 1 AND concept 2.

However, you can use the axes overlay feature to set an X- or Y- axis for a saved topic and use the cloud to visualize the concepts that intersect (upper-right quadrant).

3. UNLESS it's a "collocation" which is a short phrase that recurs frequently in the data set as a single concept, such as "watch movies" - "highly recommend" - "power button" - "happy with my purchase" or "gift for my husband."

However, by manipulating the Dynamic Concept Cloud and implementing other techniques you learned in Training, you have the ability to examine concepts that intersect and derive hard metrics from those intersections. (Refer to saving Topics in the the QuickStart Guide for details.)




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