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What do the colors in the Dynamic Concept Cloud mean?

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017
When you first launch a project, the system automatically suggests topics and groups them into the the 7 most prominent discussion, each containing the top 4 concepts per discussion. These Auto-Topic Suggestions are automatically grouped together and assigned a color. You can then edit these suggestions (keep or dismiss suggestions) to include your own topics and assign your own colors.

Alternatively, you can search for or select a concept. The heat map effect activates in the Dynamic Concept Cloud (DCC) and instantly highlights related concepts to indicate which other concepts are associated with that term. Your selected term will appear in red, and its most closely related concepts will appear as dark blue, and lesser-related terms in light blueConcepts in gray have a weak relationship to the selected term or are unrelated all together in a particular data set. 

Concept Search will find any term that exists in the data set, whether it is displayed in the DCC or not. Therefore, if you search for a term in the search box and do not see it highlighted inside the DCC, then it is simply not one of the top 500 concepts in this project.

When no concepts are selected, the Concept Cloud also displays colors based on any saved Topics in the project. See, "How do I save topics that I've search for?" for more information about creating and saving Topics. 

Colors in this cloud correspond to colors assigned as Auto-Topic Suggestions


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