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SEARCH: What is a difference topic? How do I create one?

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018

NOTE: Difference topics are deprecated in v5.  You must use the legacy UI to create difference topics.

What is a Difference Topic?

This is an advanced feature -- questions should be addressed to our Solutions Engineers at

A Difference Topic consists of two concepts that have been manually defined as being opposites of one other. By creating a difference topic, you can build a topic that represents a range between two concepts and can better capture nuances within documents and the overall data set. 

Sometimes, two concepts will appear as being associated with each other, despite typically being considered to be opposites or antonyms.

A common example is concept pairs related to emotion, such as "love/hate" and "good/bad." Though "love" and "hate" are usually considered to be opposites, they may be associated with each other. This can happen if a discussion topic, such as a product feature or menu item, generates polar reactions in people (i.e., "love it or hate it").  

"Love" and "hate" will be associated because they are both terms being used to describe the same discussion topic, though in reality they have very different connotations. Creating a difference topic enables you to explore the conversation about what people love, for example, while ensuring that there is no "noise" in the data from documents about what people hated about that same topic of discussion.

In mathematical terms: Creating a difference topic resets the association score between the two concepts to -1.00 for that particular topic.  

How do I create a difference topic?

In the search bar, enter the concept you wish to explore, a space, and then type the minus sign/hyphen [-] and last, enter the concept you wish to set opposite the first concept.

love - hate

Once you press Enter, the difference topic will appear at the top of the list of key concepts in the Key Concept and Related Concepts section. You can then save the Difference Topic.

For example, if you want to set "good" and "bad" as opposites and analyze things that are "good" in the data set, you would enter good - bad into the search bar.  "Good - bad" would appear as a concept in the Top Concepts pane, and you would be able to save the concept as a Topic.

Creating a difference topic will only "reset" the relationship between the two concepts to opposites for that topic, not for the entire project.


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