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Luminoso Software Update: 5/2/16

Last Updated: Jun 20, 2016
Luminoso Analytics Dashboards
Drag and Drop Widget Reordering

It is now possible for Customers using Luminoso Analytics dashboards to change order of the widgets on the dashboard widgets using the drag-and-drop feature.

Luminoso Analytics and Luminoso Compass
Improved Identification of Overlapping Collocations

Previously, when a document contained two overlapping phrases, either of which could be a concept, we would choose the one that came first.  We have improved our algorithm to instead choose the one that is more likely to be a genuine concept.
Impacts all new projects and any old projects that are recalculated.

Example:  “Times Square is my favorite New York landmark.”
Possible concepts, based on other evidence in the project’s documents: “favorite new” (mediocre quality), “New York” (high quality)

Old algorithm detects: “favorite New” + “York””
New algorithm detects: “favorite” + “New York””

Luminoso Analytics
New ConceptNet background in Analytics

We extract background knowledge from ConceptNet to help us understand language data in context. In this release, we are updating the background knowledge to the representation that we named the “ConceptNet Vector Ensemble” (for more background, see his blog post

With this new representation, the system has better assumptions about what words mean, for more words, even before seeing them in the context of a project.  This should lead to more accurate conceptual matches. It can also disregard knowledge about many words that are unrelated to the project, which makes projects build faster.  For example, in a hotel reviews project, the concept “booking” used to include terms like “library”, whereas the current vectors will ensure that “booking” is principally related to “reservations”.  

For all English projects, this impacts new projects and any old projects that are recalculated.


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