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Switching between the new user interface and the legacy interface

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018
As of April 14th, 2018, when you log in to Luminoso Analytics you will automatically be using the new User Interface (UI), which allows you to take full advantage of the power of your metadata.  The new UI (also known as v5) requires a new upload format and provides a number of new feature in the project explorer. Refer to the v5 Quickstart Guide for more information.

The legacy UI (also known as v4) will continue to be available for several months to aid in your transition to the new UI version.  To access the legacy UI, navigate to the user menu in the upper right-hand corner, and switch the "Legacy interface" toggle to "ON".

Projects you create in the new UI will be viewable via the old UI, and vice versa.  Differences between v4 and v5 are handled as follows:

v4 → v5        
  • Subsets will be converted into v5 string metadata when the v4 subset contains a prepended field name and text values (e.g. “Country of Origin: US”)
  • Subsets will be converted into v5 number metadata when the v4 subset contains a prepended field name, and that field name has only numeric values (e.g. “NPS: 8”).
  • Subsets without a colon in their name will be converted to string metadata with the field “Other” and the subset name as its value. 
  • Date/time metadata in a v4 project will become a date field in v5, with the name “Date”.
  • Any term restemming/merging will be carried from v4 to v5.
  • Terms that have been ignored in a v4 project will be restored (i.e. no longer ignored) in the v5 conversion.
v5 → v4
  • String metadata with 100 or fewer values will be converted to subsets with the name format [FIELD]: [VALUE]. 
  • Number metadata with 20 or fewer values will be converted to subsets with the name format [FIELD]: [VALUE].
  • Only one date metadata field of a v5 project will be set as the date in the project’s v4 version.

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