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Daylight API

  • Analytics API Documentation

    Documentation on the endpoints in the Analytics API can be found at

    May 09
  • Analytics API Examples

    .clearfix{*zoom:1}.clearfix:before,.clearfix:after{display:table;content:"";line-height:0} .clearfix:after{cl...

    Jan 19
  • Analytics API Python Client

    A Python client for our Analytics API is available at

    Mar 25
  • Analytics API Error Codes

    This page lists most of the possible error codes that can be returned by the Luminoso Analytics API, along wit...

    Oct 30
  • Analytics API Guide

    This page provides an overview of how to use the Analytics API. Complete documentation for the API endpoints i...

    Aug 29
  • Document Fields

    A document corresponds to one unit of text, along with associated metadata such as title, date, etc. Documents...

    Dec 22
  • Terms and Fragments

    Two of the fields on documents - "terms" and "fragments" - are lists of tuples that look like ["fly|en", "VERB...

    Feb 22
  • Using Document Vectors for Machine Learning

    Under the hood of Luminoso Analytics, everything is represented by a vector. There are four primary types of d...

    Jan 19
  • Prediction

    The "predict" field of documents is used for training predictors on documents. For example, your documents mig...

    Dec 10

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