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Release Notes | Cloud | 2019-04-29: Filtering and Compound Concepts in Score Driver and Sharing Concepts

Modified on: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 3:58 PM

New Features

  • Filtering in Score Drivers
  • Compound Concepts in Score Drivers
  • Sharing Concept Details


  • We’ll let you know if you are trying to upload non-numeric values into a “score” field.
  • Confidence is now expressed as a positive value, regardless of whether the Score Driver itself had a positive or negative Impact.

LEARN MORE | Filtering in Score Drivers

Score Drivers correlates your text data with quantitative data to show which key concepts most impact ratings. We’ve added a filter panel to the tool so you can view impact scores by predetermined attributes you include, such as region or cohort. With this capability, it’s now much easier to understand differences between groups based on score.

LEARN MORE | Compound Concepts in Score Drivers

Compound Concepts are user-defined similar concepts that allow you to more easily interpret your analysis results. For example, a user working with a travel or hospitality dataset may define luggage, baggage, suitcase,and bags as a Compound Concept called “luggage”. Now included in Score Drivers, the ability to define Compound Concepts allow you to view more accurate results when interpreting your impact scores.

LEARN MORE | Sharing Concept Details

We’ve added a share button above the concept details pane which copies persistent project URLs to your clipboard. Now you can easily share an entire project, including setup, filters and concept selections, with other users.

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