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Release Notes | Cloud | 2019-06-10: Polish and fixes to Score Drivers and Compare Concepts

Modified on: Wed, Aug 28, 2019 at 3:12 PM

New Features

  • BETA Create projects with Polish documents


  • Score Drivers

    • Downloading saved concepts’ impact scores will now refer to these by the name you gave to the saved concepts

    • Adjusting the filter retains the selected concept

    • Projects of significant size will show results when the concept selection is changed from suggested drivers to saved concepts

    • Text labels for points in the scatterplot will now stay within the visualization area

  • Compare Concepts

    • When you refresh the page, you’ll still see your selected concept on the table

  • API: the error message will be explicit if you inadvertently specify a bad metadata field

LEARN MORE | Polish Documents (BETA)

Luminoso now natively supports documents in the Polish language. "Świetnie!" You will now see Polish as an additional option in the language dropdown in the “create a new project” section.

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