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Users, accounts, and permissions

Modified on: Fri, Jun 28, 2019 at 10:44 AM

Your username or user login is your email address.

As a user, you have certain permissions on certain accounts. Think of each account as a workspace. These workspace’s allow you to organize projects for a certain Team for a certain goal or simply to differentiate. Depending on the context in which you're using Daylight, you might have your own account or you might have access to your company's account.

The permissions that you might have on an account are:

  • read: This lets you view projects in the account (this includes downloading files from projects).

  • write: This lets you modify existing projects in the account -- for example, adding or removing topics in a project. It also lets you copy projects to the account.

  • create: This lets you create and delete projects from the account. Certain other actions (those that count toward an account's number of documents uploaded, which might be contractually limited) are also restricted to users with create permission, such as adding documents to an existing project and doing prediction. 

  • account_manage: This lets you add and remove users from the account and change users' permissions.

You can view the workspaces you have access to in the account information page of Daylight.

Here are details around the actions you can perform with each level or permission.

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