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**Creating meta-concepts

Modified on: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:29 AM

Multiple concepts can be included in one saved meta-concept.

To include multiple concepts in a single meta-concept:

  1. save the concept as a meta-concept

  2. click the blue pencil

  3. enter the next concept (a comma, a space)

  4. enter your third concept into the Concepts field.

For example, you might want a topic for all Internet discussion for which you would search on "wifi, Internet". In the illustration below, you can also see that you have the ability to name a meta-concept ("App issues" which includes crashes, freezes, error, restart).

After analysis, note that you might wish to separate those concepts again into their own concepts since one issue might be causing the app to crash whereas another issue might cause the system itself to restart.

Theoretically, you can include as many concepts as you want within a single meta-concept but we recommend limiting it to 4 concepts max. Otherwise, the association space becomes too broad.

More than four concepts, or concepts that are not related to each other in any clear way, tends to make the meta-concept less precise/meaningful than is desirable when conducting your analysis. When you add multiple concepts to a concept, you will receive exact matches for all the concepts, and conceptual matches for the collective identity of the concept. 

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