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**Saving searched for concepts

Modified on: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Upon launching a new project, Daylight now presents you with a list of Suggested Topics (the 7 most important conversations that each includes 4 of the most important and frequently occurring concepts within those discussions). You must save a concept in order to use it for further analysis and for that Topic to be included in the Analysis Exports (i.e., spreadsheets with association scores and match count metrics).

You can save Suggested Concepts or save your own concepts that you find interesting and meaningful. Select a concept in the Suggested Topics list, in the Galac or search for a term to Save as Topic. Click + (blue plus sign) to save your concept as a Topic.

Your Topics can be easily re-ordered within the list simply by clicking and dragging them up and down within the saved Topic list.

Click Dismiss to access the Saved Topics list. You can return to the Suggested Topics list by clicking the drip menu (3 dots) at the top to View Suggested Topics again.


Click the blue pencil icon next to a saved topic so you can assign a different color to the topic or delete it all together. You can also search for other terms to build out a topic so that it includes other related concepts, as well as their relationships.

In the illustration below, we named the Topic "App issues" and included several related concepts (crashes, freezes, error, restart). We recommend limiting it to 4 concepts max. This is a good way to maximize all the different associations with software problems.

However, upon further analysis, you might wish to break down the topic into separate concepts, as there may be discrete/specific issues associated with each issue (app crashes might be due to one function and system restarts could be related to something entirely different).

Don't forget that Topics must be saved in order to use in the Analysis Exports and pull metrics from your data.

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