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How do I manage document usage?

Modified on: Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 1:31 PM

What counts towards my document limit? 

Each document you upload to Daylight counts against your document limit. Only new document uploads apply, so when you copy a project or create a project from a subset, these are not included in the number of documents you have uploaded. 

Actions that add to your document count 

  • Uploading documents into Daylight in a net new project (even if you previously uploaded those documents into Daylight). All documents in a new project add to your document count.

  • Uploading new documents to an existing project. All new documents are added to your document count. 

Actions that do not add to your document limit

  • Creating a project from matches in an existing product. 

  • Recalculating after the first upload.

To view your document usage

Users with Workspace admin permissions or greater can view document usage details on the Usage tab on the Settings page. 

  1. Log in to Daylight. 
  2. Access the Settings page by clicking either the dropdown caret next to Projects in the top ribbon or the one next to your username and selecting Settings from the menu. The Settings page opens.
  3. Click Usage in the Settings menu. The Usage tab opens.

  4. Use the text fields and usage meter to see your total documents used. View what documents were uploaded, and how many, in the table.

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