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How do I upload additional data into project I've already created?

Modified on: Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 2:47 PM

If you need to upload additional verbatims into a pre-existing project, you can do so by clicking Upload More located within each project on the homepage. 


This will take you to the data upload page, where you will need to upload a dataset with the correct format. Each additional file can only be applied one at a time. 

Make sure your verbatims in the text column are unique and not duplicates of the verbatims in the original or other files. 

If the headers of the additional metadata do not match exactly with the existing ones, new metadata fields will be created. For example, if you have a "string_UserID" field in the original project, but your additional data has a "string_ID" as the header for the same content, this will add additional field filters and not merge them. 

To ensure your original project is safe as you try your additional dataset upload, you may want to copy the original project (since copying projects won't use any of your document counts), and then upload the additional files to the copied project.

If you are trying to add additional metadata to existing verbatims, you will need to create a new project and reach out to or your CSM to deduct the duplicate document usage.

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