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What does the "Title" label do?

Last Updated: Apr 27, 2017

The "Title" label can be used as a column header in your CSV file in one of two ways for any given data set:

1. To display the title of a review, forum post, or other piece of data: 
For instance, an online product review may include a title that the author has given their post. Example: TITLE - "This is the best widget!" BODY - "I purchased the widget for my wife as a gift..." The title will display in the UI with the body of the review text (expand the Concept Detail panel where you read the verbatims).‚Äč

2. To display a verbatim's metadata, such as the author's location, age or gender: 
For example, if you have a forum post and would like to be able to view the poster's age and gender, you can populate the title with this information. Each reviewer's specific info would then populate each cell in that line.

3. To display unique IDs for each document: 
You may have a survey response ID, account ID or case ID from a different database system for each document. By using it in the Title field, you can link any individual text comment in Luminoso back to additional information.

Any metadata in "Title" column of your data file will be displayed in Verbatims panel just above the document with which it is associated (expand the Concept Details pane on the right)

Titles are for labeling and identification purposes only, and are not analyzed (so they are not included in the Dynamic Concept Cloud nor are they searchable in the project/interface).

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