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Can the content in a saved topic change over time?

Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017

This may indeed be something you need to think about if you are leveraging unsupervised clustering in Compass. Due to complexity of language and the dynamic, unpredictable nature of conversations - especially if social media is involved - a Saved Topic's content may change its focus over time. Saving a topic is not quite like presetting a favorite radio station, where you know that it will always play the music of that station.

For example: let's say you save a topic that is initially about “Losing weight while working out.” If the conversation drifts over time, it is possible that the messages that get classified into that topic will
drift more into being about working out and less about “losing weight while working out.” That is perfectly normal, and a manifestation of the drift will be a lot of recent potentially useful messages in the “Outliers & Duplicates.” We recommend that you periodically turn that flag to “Yes” to check on the health of your saved topic.

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