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Theme Identification in v4

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018

The next step beyond the Quickstart Guide, which provides an introduction to UI navigation and how to save topics, this Theme Identification Guide discusses in greater detail the steps to detect patterns in unstructured text data for grouping, measuring, and tracking. The guide focuses on formulating a hypothesis before jumping into your analysis, as well as the process of isolating key themes in your data.

Luminoso organizes unstructured text data into a set of concepts, discovered within the data itself, without the use of pre-existing ontologies, keyword lists or domain knowledge. These concepts naturally form clusters around the main themes based on the discussions present within the data.

For example, a conversation about an auto dealership would likely contain themes around sales interactions, the service and sales departments, finance programs, the waiting area, etc. Luminoso will automatically surface these themes, allow for their measurement and display, as well provide as the ability to drill down into any concept to gain deeper, more specific insights.

Whether your analysis involves investigating a product for consumers' emotional reactions, or identifying the broken part of the user experience, Luminoso allows you to understand and react to data faster and with more precision than competing technologies.

Click the link below to download the guide.

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