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Learn More: Luminoso Analytics v5 Beta!

Last Updated: Mar 09, 2018
Welcome to the Luminoso Analytics v5 beta!  Luminoso Analytics v5 speeds and enhances your language analysis by powering your metadata.  In the v5 beta, you’ll be able to:
• Analyze intersections and unions of existing metadata
• Load multiple columns of date metadata
• Set numeric or date ranges in your analysis
• … and more!  We’ll be adding features as the beta progresses
check in and see!

Getting started: 

1) Opt in

2) Build a project
Create a v5 project with minor adjustments to your data spreadsheet (see Luminoso Analytics v5 Formatting Guide) or view an existing project in v5 (see v4/v5 Compatability).  

3) Use the filter tool
Open your v5 project and expand the Filter Tool to view all of your uploaded metadata.  
When you select a filter, your Concept Cloud and selected documents will adjust to your selection.  You can filter for metadata unions by selecting more than one value within a metadata field.  You can also filter for metadata intersections by selecting for values in different fields.  

Numeric metadata can be filtered by individual values or by a range of values.  

You can also filter by date ranges.  

Capabilities and Caveats
There is some other functionality in Luminoso Analytics v5 that has changed from v4:
  • The format of the Analysis Exports has been adapted in v5 to reflect our use of metadata (as compared to the subsets in v4).  Please note in particular that the functionalities from the exports previously known as "Top Concept Match Counts," "Topic Match Counts," and "Topic Timelines" will all be accessible under a single "Match Counts" export in v5.
  • Term restemming/merging and ignoring is not yet enabled in v5.  However, terms that have been restemmed in a v4 project will carry into the v5 project.  Terms that have been ignored in a v4 project will be restored in the v5 conversion. 
  • Analytics Dashboards are deprecated, but will remain accessible in v4.  

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know at

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