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**How do I manage document usage?

Modified on: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:32 AM

What counts towards my document limit? 

This is the number of documents that corresponds to the document limit tier in your contract. You can always view your document limit, and how many documents you have consumed at any time by logging into Luminoso Daylight: click your username on the upper right corner, and then click Accounts.

Next, click Usage and then click on the desired billing period. Here you will see how many documents you have available, the number of documents consumed, and the % of total used.  Now that I know where to check my progress against my Document Limit, what exactly counts against that limit?

Here are the items that DO count against your Document Limit

  • Documents uploaded into our system (even if they have been previously uploaded).

  • New documents uploaded to an existing project (but only any new documents).

  • Using the subset splitting API endpoint (allows API users to build new projects from subsets). 

  • Using the prediction API endpoint.

Here are items that DO NOT count

  • Project copying, in either the UI or API.

  • Recalculation after the first upload. So if you merge terms, or change the language, and recalculate afterwards, that won't count.

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