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Exact vs conceptual matches

Modified on: Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 11:41 AM

Whenever you select a term in the Galaxy, you will see the number of exact and conceptual matches in the Concept Details pane (Top Concepts at the top and verbatims at the bottom -- see screen shot below).

Exact matches (highlighted by a solid underline in the verbatim text) represent the number of documents where your search term appeared in the data set exactly as you specified.  Linguistically speaking, we take into account surface and "stemmed" forms of the term/concept word. 

So, for example, "buy" and "bought" would be considered exact matches, as would "Love my Kindle" and "Love the Kindle".

Conceptual matches (highlighted dashed underline in the verbatim text) to your selected concept are up to the top 20 terms with an association score greater than 0.60 to your selected concept. 

When you search for a term, the verbatim results include a percentage of the discussion volume that includes both exact and conceptual matches for your specified term. 


Image captured from a banking mobile app, which presented issues for individuals attempting to use their phone's camera to take pictures of a check in order to make a mobile deposit. The reviews were pulled from the different app stores.

Check is the selected concept (so exact matches here include checks).

Conceptual matches in this data set are taking pictures, image, retake pictures because these terms are very frequently used therefore associated with check.

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