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Release Notes | Cloud | 2019-06-24

Modified on: Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 3:59 PM

New Features

“Concept Cloud” is now “Galaxy” 


Score Drivers:
  • When viewing Saved Concepts, a newly saved concept is added in real time
  • Search-as-you-type filters now properly impact results 

Concept Cloud is now Galaxy

Concept Cloud is now Galaxy. While the feature has not changed, all references to it will reflect its new name and icon.

Traditional word clouds

A word cloud is a two-dimensional visualization of text data, where the size of each word it contains indicates its frequency in the dataset. Words are placed next to each other as it’s generated for aesthetic, rather than functional, effect.

Why Galaxy is different

The Galaxy feature provides much more than a traditional word cloud. It’s comprised of 150 dimensions of associations between concepts. Word cloud frequency can mislead, as there are words which are common in basic expression that don’t actually confer analytic value. Instead, Galaxy prioritizes the concepts that are more prevalent in your data set than would be expected to appear in the underlying language. Each concept is alongside its most closely associated concepts, and seven of the largest clusters of conversation are highlighted in different colors for at-a-glance insight.

Try it: click and drag any concept, and as you move your cursor, the Galaxy spins to help you visualize its 150 dimensions. Letting go of the concept flattens the view as if it were under a pane of glass, so you can perform quadrant analysis in two dimensions.

Score Drivers: Search-as-you-type filters now properly impact results

String fields with many values are displayed as search-as-you-type filters. In the example below, typing “I” within the Brew Name field brings up the desired value “IPA”. Clicking on that “IPA” value will now properly impact Score Drivers results, rather than displaying an error.

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